Activity 2017-2018

Activity 2017-2018

Activity 2017-2018

Class Activity 2017-2018
Sr. L.K.G & U.K.G 1st to 4th Month 5th to 8th
1 Poem competition

Hymm book Decoration and

Eng. Writing


Hymm book Decoration and

Writing Competition (Punjabi)

2 Writing competition
3 Self Introduction Hindi writing May Slogan writing
4 Solo dance
5 Drawing competition Paper cutting and Drawing competition July Essay writing (English ) and Wealth out of waste
6 G.K quiz
7 Fancy dress Rakhi making and Plate Decoration  August Rakhi making and Flag making
8 Story telling
9 Fill any shape by paper tearing Self Introduction and Thumb painting    Sep Mehandi Competition and Solo dance
10 Buds Activity
11 Cotton Activity Card making and diya decoration  October Diya decoration and Rangoli Competition 
12 Folder Activity
13 Blasting the ballons Story telling and Candle decoration Nov Rangoli making and Speech on Social evils
14 Add Activity
15 Toffee Eating Activity

Fancy dress and Solo dance and Blasting the



Decorate Christmas tree and Candle Decoration and fancy

dress (traditional)

16 Lemon Spoon race
17 Hopping Jumping

Kite making and poem with action and

Patriotic songs

January Kite making and Patriotic songs and Talent show
18 Put the ball in the basket within 30 sec.
19 Find the ring in the flour Best put of waste and G.K Quiz and Pot decoration February Poster making and Salad Decoration and Cooking without fire
20 Mono Acting